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Tina Murphy
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Tina is a native of North Carolina and can be seen everywhere on the BIG screen and small.  She has appeared on ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, CW, ESPN, UNC-TV, PBS, Discovery, Telemundo and NBC-T-Me.
Tina is the All-American, girl next door with a quirky comedic ability.  But her acting range doesn't stop there.  She has this natural ability to tap into any character that comes her way.  Even creating the twisted, manipulative, characters with a charisma and vulnerability that's unexpected.
On the nationally televised Spanglish Soap Opera entitled "Nuestro Barrio" Tina can be seen as "Nurse Francesca Carver".  It started out to be a very small role but then after a couple scenes the show's creators knew they had to do more.  "Nurse Francesca" quickly grew into a recurring role where Tina goes from being helpful and caring into a jealous, psychotic, bitter nurse that's seeking revenge on her boyfriend's ex-wife. 
Tina can also be seen on the BIG and small screen in another evil, manipulative role as "Brigitte Potter" in the Award Winning short film "Harvest" a period piece set in 1954.  One of the producer's thought Tina was too nice for the part and writer, director, actor R. Keith Harris saw something different and cast Tina as one of the leads "Brigitte".  After the shoot the other producer confessed that Keith was dead on with casting Tina in the role and then a make-up artist confessed she was having nightmares.  Tina said, "Looks like I've done my job".   
On the lighter, fun side Tina can be seen in numerous Films and Commercials and has also shared some screen time with Nascar Drivers Dale Jarrett, Bobby Labonte, Michael Waltrip and Greg Biffle to name a few. 
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